Water transfer process

Cubic®, or water transfer, is a 3-dimensional decoration process on all types of parts or materials.
The principle consists in transferring onto the part a decoration printed on a PVA film.
The PVA film (polyvinyl alcohol) is a water-soluble film that will be deposited on the surface of a water tank. After receiving a spray of ink activator, the film will then dissolve on the surface of the water and spread evenly.
During the immersion of the part in the vat, the inks of the decoration will then be printed on it in 3 dimensions. Cleaning and varnishing are then necessary to ensure the protection of the decoration.

This process makes it possible in particular to decorate complex shapes and does not require a specific injection mould.
Cubic® offers a great variety of decors in terms of shades, levels of bright and textures.
The immersion can be implemented for all types of series, whether small or large. The Plastivaloire Group is to date the only one in Europe to use Cubic® immersion for automotive parts produced in large batches.

This innovative and unique technology is produced in France, on the Plastivaloire Group site in Chalezeule, near Besançon.

You can find decorated parts using the water transfer process in the cockpit of the Restyled Citroën C3 Aircross and in the Renault Kangoo Combispace.