Structured chrome est un décor créé par le service Recherche & Développement du Groupe Plastivaloire.

Innovation: structured chrome

Structured chrome is a decor created by the Research & Development department of the Plastivaloire Group.

This innovation was previewed in October 2019 at the decor congress and then at the 2020 international congress, organized by the Société Française des Ingénieurs des Plastiques.

This innovative decoration process for plastic parts is carried out with a single single-cavity mold, considering the following steps:

  1. Injection of a specific material
  2. Laser engraving
  3. Electrolytic chrome plating
  4. Application of a tinted varnish

The Plastivaloire Group uses all its know-how to produce ever more surprising parts for the automotive and industrial sectors.

Several injection processes are used in our factories such as bi and tri injections, compression injection, gas assisted injection or even Mucell®, mold heating technologies including RocTool® technology.

Our decoration technologies as chrome plating, our effect paints or even laser and CUBIC decorations allow us to provide varied and sophisticated finishes with just one tool!

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